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Mrs. Carol Logsdon

Financial Secretary/Administrative Assistant

*Photo by Tony Kuse of "Cues" Photography

Hi, My name is Carol Logsdon.  I am the financial secretary, administrative assistant and so much more.  St. John's is my second home.  I was baptized and confirmed at St. John's. I went to Pre-K through 5th grade here.  I worked in the Pre-K/Summer Camp in high school, and taught the 3 year old class.  Now I am back!  

This starts my fifth year.  I love St. John's and I am very passionate about our school.  Watch Facebook and I'll keep you up to date on exciting events.

I have three children, with 2 currently enrolled in St. John's.  My children make the 4th generation to attend St, John's.  My oldest, Aaron, will be a sophomore at HHS.  My daughter, Isabella, will be in eighth grade; and my son, John Steel, will be in the third grade.  I am married to Cpl Craig Logsdon, who will be retiring from the Hannibal Police Department this next year.  We celebrated our 18th anniversary this summer.

I can't wait to see what fun and exciting things will happen this next year.  I am super excited to have our basketball club and fun family Friday nights back.

If you would like to help out with supplies and donations to our school/church.  Please check our Amazon a wish list or contact Carol to see what we need.  Thank you so much for supporting St. John's.

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