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The Curriculum

The Lutheran School has been founded on the firm foundation of God's Word. Therefore, children attending our school receive a very thorough course in religion because "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Religion, or Christian teaching, is taught as a separate subject in the day's work, and its influence permeates and gives substance to all other subject areas taught.  We believe that only in keeping the revealed Truth, God's Word can be properly understood and rightly applied in all subjects.  Unless the three "R's" are taught in the light of the fourth and most important "R" -RELIGION- education receives no moral good but rather makes men more defiant of God and self-righteous. The sciences are correctly comprehended only when they are taught as the unfolding of God's guidance of all the affairs of men in their building of His eternal Kingdom. All other subjects- mathematics, language arts, etc., achieve their highest meaning and purpose only as they are imparted and imbued with the aim of serving our fellow man in the Glory of God.

Our curriculum for early childhood classes follows the ABC Jesus curriculum. It focuses on religion and development skills that are age appropriate. The curriculum of St. John's Lutheran School is based upon Lutheran School is based upon Lutheran Elementary School Association standards and the State of Missouri standards.  St. John's Lutheran completed the National Lutheran School Accreditation along with the Missouri Non-Public-School Accreditation.

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