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Mrs. Shelley Oglesby

(Four year olds)


Hello! My name is Shelley Oglesby. My husband Jim and I were married when we were only 19 years old
and we are still together!! Together we have three daughters. Two are married and our youngest is
engaged! We have one grandchild, who is now 10 years old! Your kiddo’s may hear me talk about Abby
from time to time as she is the apple of my eye!

I attended Kindergarten through 6th grade here at St. John’s Lutheran School. I went to Hannibal Public
middle school and high school. When I graduated from high school, I attended Hannibal LaGrange
College where I took courses in Child Growth and Development. Later in life, I went back to college (online) and received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Service Management from University of Phoenix.

I have worked in the child field and child related programs for 35+ years! Most recently, I worked as a
paraprofessional at Hannibal Public Schools for the past eight years. There I worked with 3–6 year olds in various classroom settings and with children with various abilities. These included early childhood special education students, Title one students, students with special needs, as well as autistic children. I thoroughly enjoy working with children in many capacities!

In the past, I was owner/operator of a state licensed home day care for nine years while my own children were young. I loved this time as it allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom! Prior to that, I worked at St. John’s Lutheran School Day Care! Yes, you read that right! Right here at St. John’s! I may have had some of you when you were little! I have worn many hats along the years in roles of working with children outside the classroom as well. I started with baby sitting and assisting teaching 3-5 year olds Sunday School at St. John’s while I was in my teens. I later taught Sunday School at St. John’s again for both little ones as well as teenagers! I also have been a girl scout troop leader and a 4-H instructional leader and judge! I also, have nine years of experience in working with adults with various abilities in a day setting teaching them life skills. I absolutely love working with children of all ages and in any environment; however, I have a true passion for working with our youngest learners, the 3-6 age group! They bring a smile to my face and such joy to my heart; not to mention, they keep me on my toes!

My family life includes working and living on a farm. My husband farms cattle, beans and corn. Our
middle daughter and her husband farm with us; along with my in-law’s. We have a dog named Otis, part black lab and part golden receiver. Think black lab with long flowing hair! His initials are OO (Oh Oh!)…If that tells you anything! I have many cats. All of them are outdoor farm cats. Don’t worry, they are part wild, and they like it that way; they have many sheds and barns in which to in get out of the weather! One cat whose name is Sugar, does enjoy coming indoors on occasion, but she doesn’t like to stay indoors for very long! I also have many chickens. My granddaughter and I name all of my chickens and cats and all my animals are very spoiled! My husband tends to the cows, and I tend to the rest!

My goal is to help each child as they grow and progress in all areas of development and nurture their  growth in a positive, Christian and FUN environment!

Thank you for entrusting your precious little one in my hands!


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