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Miss Dakota

Second Grade

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Hello, I am Dakota Bradshaw (Miss. Kota) and I am a first year teacher. I graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice in 2021, however, the Lord had something else in mind for me. After spending some time with my niece, I discovered my passion for helping young minds learn and discover their lightbulb moments. After finding such passion, I couldn’t let it dissipate, therefore I decided to attend Hannibal La-Grange University, graduating May 2023 with a Masters in Elementary Education. 


I am from Payson, IL, however, I spend much of my time in Hannibal as I love the city and plan to move there in a year. I am a dog parent to two Alaskan Malodors (Stormi and Meika). 


I love to spend my time painting, reading, camping, taking nature photography, spending time with my friends and family and playing games such as Animal Crossing. I enjoy the Harry Potter series as well as Big Hero Six

Want to help out our class? My wish list will be coming soon.

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